The Best and Worst Endings in SuperMarioLogan Videos: A Remake Review

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SuperMarioLogan (SML) is a popular YouTube channel known for its entertaining and often humorous videos featuring a cast of colorful characters. Over the years, the channel has produced numerous videos with a variety of endings, some leaving viewers satisfied and others falling short of expectations. In this blog post, we’ll explore a remake of a previous video where the host shares their top 7 best and worst SML endings, offering a fresh perspective on these memorable moments.

  1. Jeffy’s Sister Returns:
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    Starting off the list at number 7 is the ending of “Jeffy’s Sister Returns.” Despite the underlying sadness of Jeffy’s mom abusing him and his sister, the host acknowledges their personal inclination towards dark humor, finding amusement in the unexpected and comical situation when Phoebe gets hit by a car. It’s a controversial choice but demonstrates the host’s honest and unfiltered opinion.
  2. Jeffy Gets Stuck:
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    Coming in at number 6, we have the ending of “Jeffy Gets Stuck.” This conclusion left many viewers unsatisfied as it lacked a proper resolution. After the buildup of Jeffy being stuck under a tree branch, the video abruptly ends without a satisfying payoff. While not necessarily terrible, the lack of closure made it an underwhelming ending.
  3. The Purge:
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    Ranked at number 5 is the ending of “The Purge,” a clever parody of the movie with the same name. The host commends the video for its humor and references to “The Shining.” The intense climax where Chef PeePee and the Brooklyn Guy confront Junior builds anticipation, but the ultimate twist of Chef PeePee missing his chance to kill Junior due to his rant adds a humorous and unexpected element to the ending.
  4. Taking the 4th spot on the worst list is “Home Alone.”
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    This video revolves around Junior’s violent attempts to defend himself against burglars he mistakes for babysitters. The ending, where Bowser is unjustly arrested while Junior gets away with his extreme actions, feels morally unbalanced. Junior’s multiple counts of first-degree murder are overlooked, while Bowser faces punishment for a minor offense. This inconsistency in consequences diminishes the overall impact of the ending.
  5. Number 3 is awarded to “The Magical Button.”
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    While the concept of sacrificing someone’s life for a wish is intriguing, the execution falls short. The ending involves Junior sacrificing himself to undo all the deaths caused by previous wishes. Although there is a mix of sadness and humor throughout, the conclusion feels rushed and lacks a deeper exploration of the characters’ emotions and growth.
  6. Coming in at number 2 is “Shrek’s Crappy Wish.”
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    This ending takes a grotesque turn as Shrek forces Mario to drink feces through a straw. The unnecessarily gross nature of the scene, coupled with the disturbing sounds Mario makes, makes it difficult to find any redeeming qualities in this ending. It feels like a gratuitous display of Mario’s suffering without serving a significant purpose in the narrative.
  7. Finally, number 1 on the worst list goes to “Goodman’s Son.”
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    While the initial development of Richard’s character is promising, the ending fails to capitalize on this potential growth. Richard briefly expresses that money cannot buy happiness and that genuine connections are important. However, this moment is fleeting, and the video ends without further exploration or resolution. It leaves the viewer wanting more substantial development and closure.

In conclusion, the endings of SML videos can vary greatly in quality. While some provide a satisfying mix of emotions, humor, and character development, others fall short, leaving viewers unsatisfied or disturbed. Personal preferences and senses of humor play a significant role in how one perceives these endings. Regardless, it’s clear that a strong ending is crucial for leaving a lasting impression on the audience and ensuring a satisfying conclusion to the story.

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